This is the blog for a wonderful group of book-loving woman who live in Burlington Ontario. We have been meeting 10 times per year for many years. We talk about books and a whole lot more and we love to eat. We sometimes have road trips as well – trips to the movies, theatre, the cheese shop, the woods. This blog will be a repository for our book lists and menus and recipes and whatever else we want to share with each other. In alphabetical order, we are:











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  1. Karen

    Laura, Thanks again for a delightLaura, thanks again to you for a delightfully, delicious and scintillating evening last night. I can’t believe how fast the time flew by. Everyone had very interesting points to make and the discussion left me thinking that I have to put focus on writing my own living will. Please put your recipes on our new blog site. I want to buy some black eyed peas on the weekend and “get cookin!”fully,

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