Life after Life by Kate Atkinson – hosted by Jane

It was unseasonably cold outside on May 15th but cosy inside when we all gathered at Jane’s to discuss “Life after Life” by Kate Atkinson. This was yet another book that was enjoyed by all the members and again led to a wide ranging discussion about life choices, fate, post-modern literature, the Blitz in the Second World War and our lives of excess vs a life of rationing.

Here is a very interesting and lovely quote from Erin:

“We have seemed to gravitate towards post-modern literature…perhaps because we are post-modern women??? What do I mean by that, I ask myself? Well… perhaps I mean that we realize that we can’t plan our lives in straight trajectories and expect it all to go as planned, and that most of the important things that happen to us… birth, death and love… are outside of our control, and end up having the greatest impact on the structure of our lives… even though we think we are the architects! Of course the “living” part, I believe is all about our relationships, and we are truly blessed to have come together as a “book club” to discuss it all, and take a moment to step back from our individual lives and reflect as a group on our “life designs’ (to continue the analogy); i.e., where we are in relation to our current book.”


The food had nothing to do with the book but I love Moroccan, so why not 🙂 and thanks to Laura for bringing the Victorian sponge.


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