‘H’ is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald at Laura’s

‘H’ is for Hawk is a poetic memoir that garnered another free ranging discussion of the themes and many memories of our own fathers. Some of us were fascinated by the details of falconry and others were uncomfortable with the whole concept of a tethered animal.

Erin commented, “Thank you again Laura for recommending the read and of course the stimulating presentation and discussion that followed…

I have caught myself reflecting more than a few times today… on many more aspects of the narrative.

It really is so amazing to me, that a seemingly simple and straightforward memoir about training a goshawk … was skilfully crafted into an entry point for many of life’s themes … some of which we touched on… such as grief and loss and the individuality of the process one goes through following significant loss, human intervention in the wild, human attachment and human relationship with creatures of the wild, our level of emotional attunement with each other (and how self absorption in the grief process can interfere with our connection with others), social class, sexual orientation, father-daughter relationships, and so on.”

Laura made the landscape and author and Mabel come alive by preparing a fascinatingslide show. She served a delicious vegetarian meal which was an inspired theme choice.

It was a wonderful night and was highlighted by Bev’s triumphant return – walking with only minimal assistance of her cane – quite the inspiration.




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