All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews

AMPSThursday April 31 – An Evening at Josee’s


From Karen…

A wonderful, delicious, and life affirming evening.  Thanks Josee for suggesting the book and preparing a lovely meal (check out the recipes on our blog).  As Bev mentioned, “You know when the book choice is a success by the conversation – loud and nonstop!” I couldn’t help but notice that the novel’s subject matter was in stark contrast to the warmth and companionship of last night’s meeting.

And from Erin…

Well of course the evening was pulled off with Josee’s speciale  je ne sais quoi…  autre que sa créativité bien sûr.  The book was an incredibly good read… 

I was immediately plunged into the characters… realizing All My Puny Sorrows is such an incredible description for the human condition… so expansively insignificant but yet deeply and painfully significant to the torment of a human soul. The beauty of the book for me was in the exquisite quality of the relationships… particularly between the author and her sister which stayed a true line through all her pain…

She was a delicate orchid …. exquisite in her talent and intellect… but so fragile in terms of her requirements for surviving the weight of intergenerational trauma.




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