Sweetland by Michael Crummey


May 5, 2016 at Moira’s

Erin wrote:

Moira- Thanks so much for the lovely evening last night.    Although I was pressed for reading time with my work and travels, and didn’t get through much of the book… I really enjoyed the company, food and book discussion (as usual) and feel very motivated to finish reading Sweetland … with all the Newfie cultural idiosyncrasies, and funny endearing characters…

Jane wrote:

Thank you Moira for another memorable night with the Burlington Book Club. It was just what I needed – I could have sat around that table for hours with you lovely ladies, sipping on wine and discussing the wonderful book, the world, how lucky we are and how our lives are changing – I learn from all of you.

Jeanne wrote:

Moira thanks for the delicious dinner and lovely evening. “Sweetland” was a treat to read, especially since I recently visited Newfoundland. Canadian stories almost always have something familiar which makes me feel connected to the locations and the people, and I’m grateful each time I read a book like this that helps me know my country better (good and bad). The discussion was, as always, enlightening!



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