Cookies from Jane!

What a treat it was yesterday (January 6th 2021) to see a car drive down the driveway. An unusual occurrence in these days of Covid lockdown. Cars coming down here are usually people scoping out the neighbourhood who take a wrong turn, I assume at least, because they continue in a circle and disappear back up the lane, or they are Ann’s kids driving down to her house or … The point is they rarely stop, but this one did!! And what to my wondering eyes did appear?? Jane Dandy emerged and came to the door, smiling wide as ever (under her mask), what a surprise and what a pleasure to see another human I know up close (at a safe distance).

I was puzzled of course, but not for too long, Jane was delivering a cookie, and not just a cookie!! A Burlington Bookclub Cookie! Who thinks of these things?? Well, Jane, who else!! A delightful surprise, a gift of warmth and connection on a gloomy winter day, in a world raging and confused, where it seems hard to feel connected to anyone beyond the immediate boundaries of our isolated islands.

Thank you Jane!! This is more than a cookie, and it is so lovely I’d love to preserve it forever, but…

I’m going to eat it tonight with my friends at Jane’s Zoom bookclub gathering, so I’m posting this picture on our blog.

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