“The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman at Karen’s

On a warm fall night Karen pulled out all the stops!! We were greeted with Hurricanes and a welcoming fire. Our pre dinner conversation evolved into a political discussion of the election and the potential of Justin as Prime Minister. Dinner was a New Orleans experience! Gumbo and homemade biscuits, shrimp and a sauce made for biscuit dipping, and the topper; sweet potato pecan pie! Craig even joined us later and shared his version of their great Crawfish adventure!

We missed Jane and Moira and their insights

The night described in an email from Erin
“As for the evening…. well Karen… an evening chez Karen is always memorable and an exquisite sensory experience due to your devotion to seeking the most authentic recipes and ingredients available, and then lovingly creating an ‘event meal’ replete with all the descriptions of where to source the finest raw materials for the dish.  We are so lucky to be the recipients of the products of your passion… As my aunties would have commented… “You are the hostess with the mostess!”
The novel was intriguing, magical, fantastical, but rooted in the very real world of childhood hurts and adult misattunements due to a preoccupation with their own needs.  I loved the way Gaiman literally sprung into fantasy … echoing the childhood mind and sensibility… as a way to illustrate the healing balm of good connection with others and nurturing… of which the right food is a major component… as well as our connectedness through our shared and mysterious life energy … perhaps represented by the ocean… as source of life and place of healing.
Thank you all for nurturing evening of connection…
See you December 10th at Moira’s. (which is now changed to December 10th at Erin’s)
Karen and her wonderful Cajun Shrimp and homemade biscuits
“And you chose now for the picture…when there is shrimp on our plates…”
“Yes this is water! Those Hurricanes were all rum”

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