“All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr at Erin’s

Early December 2015, another bookclub evening, Erin’s country retreat … some comments…

I think we all agree that this was a moving and lyrical novel.  Anthony Doerr’s attention to detail is magnificent – almost poetic with his descriptions. Karen

this has become one of my favourite books, dealing with many factions, and insight into war ,emotional feelings, compassion and the bravery of a blind girl. Jill

The book is a wonderful read. The writing is lyrical. The characters unforgettable. The intertwining stories reveal the humanity of people caught up in the horror of war. Bev

Erin went to very rewarding efforts to make the food for the evening “… a delicious French meal (roasted duck with peaches, with haricots, pommes de terre and pear clafoutis for dessert).”  Here are some pictures I wish I could include the smells and the warm energy feel of Erin’s kitchen and the evening. Karen, you are up if we are going to add any “gastronomic superlatives” !

20151210_204622.jpg20151210_200852.jpg20151210_200845.jpg20151210_201819[1] 20151210_201802[1] 20151210_201750[1] 20151210_201223[1] 20151210_201151[1]

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  1. I can feel the warmth of the kitchen and the evening -So sorry to have missed 2 meetings ….. In a row

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