Thirteen Days in September by Lawrence Wright


Laura wrote:

It was another great evening last night and I’m glad to have made it there for a portion of the evening. Dinner as always was most tasty, with my favourite being the eggplant and both sauces, so I hope to see the recipes on the blog. Thank you again for being a fabulous host, and thanks everyone for the lively conversation.

Politics being a family obsession I really appreciate your recommendation Karen of such an informative book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the back story and understanding how each man had so much to lose by failing to come to an agreement. Unavoidably we ventured into the US election and Moira spoke about the Toronto Star reporter who has been a news item himself through his meticulous fact-checking. His name is Daniel Dale, and his posts are also on Twitter – the link below is for today’s posting. Additionally I’m sending along a link to a Globe and Mail article about how Canada could be affected by a Trump presidency. You may find this thought provoking as well, and feel free to comment further – is it all doom and gloom?

Jane wrote:

Thanks Karen for a wonderful evening and recommending (with a little help from John) such an informative and thought provoking book. I learned so many things reading this book and realized how little I know about fairly recent history.

The food was perfect and much appreciated. Recipes and sources are definitely required.

And from Josee:

Thank you Karen and all for a wonderful evening.

As I sit here and reflect on our evening, starting with when I arrived and seeing you all sitting outside on a most beautiful and open porch, Karen prepping dinner inside in a dream for kitchen, to our many diverse dialogues ranging from peace, children, grand children, food, our World, the beauty of diversity, amazing people and mind who have made differences and touched us, where we all fit in, being thankful for where we live…. oh my gosh, I could go on. Yes, we are so lucky and fortunate to live here in Canada….. May we continue to embrace each other and be grateful     lol 🙂



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