A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles at Moira’s May 2019

Thank you Moira! I so enjoyed the absorbing information you shared about the background of Russian history and how it coincided with A Gentleman In Moscow. A truly fascinating story. 
Just out of interest, I was just googling the website and found the Book Food Club, and the recipe for the delicious Latvian stew. 
Wouldn’t it be cool if the Book Club Cookbook would offer recipes for all our chosen books:)
I also read that Kenneth Branagh is set to star and produce a tv adaption of A Gentleman in Moscow. That should be well worth watching. 
I’m so glad you had extra borscht over as I’m going to really enjoy it for my lunch! 
It’s always so special to get together with you all. Jill

Thanks Moira for taking the time to present us with a sample meal from the Hotel Metropol. It was a delicious dinner that will be a highlight on our book club blog.  I will definitely try to make both the soup and the stew next fall.  Yummy comfort food.A Gentleman in Moscow was a charming story and one I wouldn’t have expected given it takes place in a very turbulent time in Russia’s history.   It is quite the contrast to The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes which we read last year at Bev’s. By the way, I found this video tour of the Hotel Metropol on YouTube.  You might be interested to see the grand hotel now that it has been restored.  Karen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFHVzUoBMH4

The author talks about his choice for the Latvian Stew

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