‘Born a Crime’ by Trevor Noah at Jeanne’s

A foggy night up on the escarpment – A very evocative  setting at Jeanne’s discussing Trevor Noah’s funny and tragic story of his life growing up in South Africa.  Everyone enjoyed the book and seeing his remarkable mother and grandmother interviews.

Thank you Jeanne for the authentic and delicious South African food including bobotie and the extra bonus of going home with heirloom tomato plants.

From Jill: Jeanne, many thanks. A true authentic African Bobotie  dish…and all the other delicious dishes! 
I so admire how Trevor Noah overcame all odds with his background, to become the interesting, caring  and humorous person he is today. 
A great utube showing of his ‘chat’ with his grandmother, what a strong and self possessed woman. She, and those of her generation are to be admired. I enjoyed our interesting discussion. 
Thank you also for the tomato plant. I’m looking forward to sweet tomatoes!

From Bev: A wonderful evening Jeanne. Great food, thoughtful preparation for discussing the book, and as always good conversation. 

From Erin: Agreed!  A delicious evening all round! I loved the opportunity to meet Trevor Noah’s mother and grandmother… true forces to be reckoned with!  And… I look forward to the tomatoes from your seedlings Jeanne.

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