Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, hosted by Bev, November 19, 2020

Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes is set in a small Kentucky town in Depression era America, the novel details the lives of five women who become traveling librarians, delivering books to those less fortunate in the rural communities of Kentucky.

From Moira: Thanks Bev, for bringing the book to our attention and for the links to author interviews. It’s always interesting to hear about the origins of the story and the process from the author herself.  I enjoyed learning about the ‘ack horse librarians. As I said, the description of the landscape and the women’s’ struggles to overcome physical challenges always appeals to me. 

From Ann: Great conversation as always.  I loved how a group of women with such different views and backgrounds can find each other and make the world a better place one book at a time. It sounds like another group of ladies I know.  I am looking forward to cocktail hour.  I say just use the pitcher if you don’t have a glass that size! 

From Karen: It was interesting to read about the Pack Horse Library project.  As you said Bev, they were a very special group of ladies to take on the challenge of delivering books to such a remote region.   Looking forward to seeing what Resse Witherspoon does with the story.

From Jill: My thanks too Bev! The pack horse libraries, and what those brave, hard working women endured thanks to the idea and tenacity of Eleanor Roosevelt was a piece of history I knew nothing about.  It was an enlightening and inspiring discussion and your links which I really enjoyed, helped give me insight into the background of the book and Jo Jo Moyes herself.  I have read her series Me Before You, Still Me, and After You.  Even though her novels are light reading and mostly romantic, she does touch on human aspects, situations and feelings involved.  They leave me with the thoughts, how would I deal with and what would I feel given those circumstances. I will look forward to reading at some point, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michelle Richardson.  The Giver of Star’s novel has piqued my curiosity. 

From Laura: Thanks Bev for a very interesting book choice, as well as the very informative supplemental information. I have always looked at Eleanor Roosevelt as a role model for courage and productivity. No surprise that she was the presence behind the Packhorse Librarian project.

From Jane: Thank you Bev for picking a book about a part of history that I had not previously been aware. I loved seeing the pictures of the actual horse librarians – they must have been very interesting and strong women who made such an impact in their communities.

From Josee: Just wanted to say thank you Bev for your excellent book choice and last night book discuss.
And to all, it was wonderful seeing you, even if just via a zoom session. Looking forward to our December “get together”.  

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