Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb hosted by Jane, January 7, 2021

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb, recounts the author’s story when she is left reeling after a breakup with the person she thought would be her “forever”. This book is a fascinating peek into psychotherapy from the perspective of a therapist who needed it herself and her clients.

From Karen: Thanks Jane for suggesting the book, and preparing a very thorough presentation.  I was always interested in the origins of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.  It was surprising to learn that word therapy began in ancient times and not with Freud in the 1800’s.  As someone said last night (Erin?) this book is very timely.  The pandemic, the political upheaval in the US, and personal challenges have upended my assumptions of expected outcomes.  It is comforting to read this book and realize struggle is the norm and positive change is possible, for those brave enough to take it on…   Thanks too for the yummy cookies.  I do miss our in person meetings where we shared good food, wine and wonderful conversation.  Hopefully this can resume sooner rather than later in 2021. 

From Bev: Another great evening. Thank you for suggesting the book Jane. I really enjoyed following the author and the clients as they peeled the onion to come to a resolution and to find contentment. Maybe contentment isn’t the word but I struggled to find another.  I have suggested this book to others. In this time of constant change, Covid-19 and political upheaval our world is unpredictable and full of stress. As Karen says it is comforting to know that struggle is the norm and that positive change is possible.

It may even allow someone to consider psychotherapy because “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”. The cookie was delicious. Thank you Jane.

From Josee: Thank you all for a wonderful evening. Thoroughly enjoyed our discussions, and such an appropriate book for our time.  Thank you Jane on a fabulous presentation, and your selection of book.

From Laura: It was so good to see everyone on Thursday evening. Thank you all for being there with cookies and wine to share your thoughts and experiences.  Jane, as mentioned, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so thanks for a great recommendation, a delicious cookie and an informative presentation. While reading I found it reassuring to be reminded that most of us struggle with challenging life events from time to time, that there are wonderful, sensitive Therapists willing to steer us through a crisis (Erin!), and that there is no statute of limitations on inner growth for anyone.  

From Jill: My thanks too Jane!  I was thinking as I was walking this morning, how reading your book choice opened up to me my own vulnerabilities. Hearing everyone’s opinions, insights and your excellent presentation gave me a lot of food for thought.  I really enjoyed the book, especially as Lori Gottlieb wrote with candour and presented her own vulnerabilities and feelings, but also with a sense of humour which we so need at the present time.  I hope I didn’t sound too negative last night, I was just trying to sort through my own jumble of feelings, that the book therapy ( and your words) exposed me to, in a good and positive way. 

I do appreciate your friendship and can’t wait for the day when we can hug, meet and chat in person again. 

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